Angel reflection 1

Skills: Ink Drawings

A few years ago I had a serious mental breakdown. The times were very dark, and I had several spells in hospital (at my own instigation). It took quite some time for the clouds to lift, and the anxiety to decrease, but I now find myself in a much better place than I even was before the breakdown. I’m stronger, wiser, and have more peace, and my faith carried me through. I was being ‘held’ safe although I could not see it at the time.

In 2021 I was lucky enough to go on a retreat to Launde Abbey. It was a chance to draw a line under my recent past, reflect on how life had been, and more importantly, look to the future. We were given space to think, write or draw. This picture came into my head and I had to realise it. The angel was based on a statue in the Abbey Chapel.

Indian ink on paper | 20cm x 15cm | Original – SOLD