Peter has spent his life creating art in various forms; he has spent the bulk of his career in the graphic design industry, starting work with pen and pencil in a creative studio in the 1980’s, then designing and illustrating using computers as the industry turned digital.

Following a serious mental breakdown in 2014 including a spell in hospital, Peter reconnected with creating art by hand to aid his recovery. He set himself a brief to create beautiful works that existed in the world, rather than digitally, bucking the modern trend for NFTs and virtual works. Peter finds real fulfillment and joy in the uniqueness of each piece, and the ink splatters and smudges or blobs of oil Paint add genuine randomness that, he says, is difficult and time-consuming for a computer to replicate authentically, and adds a real sense of human expression.

Lately he has regularly exhibited locally and his shows are always popular, with buyers both in this country and overseas. Peter finds real joy when someone finds a connection with one of his works. He says “Even if just one person really connects with a piece, it’s made the whole thing worth creating”

Where you can see Peter’s work in person:

The The Oyster Gallery in West Mersea has selected works.

Navistitch, Mannintree has works available for under £100 in their affordable art show

Art Shows:

Ink Drawings and Oil Paintings at Colchester Hospital Colne Gallery,
1st July – 25th August 2024

Please feel free to visit this site regularly as new works will be posted as they are created.

Peter comes from an artistic family, His father, David Porteous-Butler, is a fine artist who works mainly in oils, his site can be viewed here.