I am a highly adaptable Graphic Designer and illustrator with over 30 years of experience. I’ve many years studio experience as well as client facing as a freelancer/company director. I’m very experienced in a broad range of graphic design skills, and I’ve done work for some of the biggest brands in the world, both for UK markets and International Markets – particularly in Africa. I specialise in Adobe Illustrator work, maps, icons, logos and brochures etc and I’m great at problem solving and concept creation and quick professional visualisation for marketing presentations. My Adobe Illustrator Skills are second to none and I’m highly skilled at illustration, particularly for Icons, diagrams, floorpans, maps and site plans. I’ve also digital design experience, having designed and created websites, and created assets for web and Apps. I’m highly creative and also highly adaptable as I have a very broad range of skills.

Specialties: Adobe Illustrator Guru… plus, Graphic design, Illustration, Maps, Diagrams, Charts, Icons, Creative Concepts, Creative Project Management, Visualisation for marketing, Art Direction, Artwork Production, Publishing.

This site is aimed at showcasing my drawings. Please contact me if you would like to see my graphic design portfolio including the international big brand work I’ve done. If you can’t wait you can see some of my work here… PeterPorteous-Butler-Portfolio-Screen-Cutdown.pdf – 30mb

Here’s a list of my main areas of expertise

• Corporate identity and logos
• Brochures and leaflets
• Illustration of charts, maps, diagrams and plans
• Advertisement campaigns, concept and design
• Annual reports and newsletter design
• Promotional concepts and material
• Poster design
• Magazine and Book design and production
• Technical drawings
• Design of illustrated icons
• Photoshop work, photo enhancement, retouching etc.
• Storyboards (illustration and production)
• Roller banners and exhibition work
• Print management